Civil Litigation Services

CDI investigators are available to assist attorneys with litigation preparation and supcivil-litigationport, giving our clients the information and support they need to have successful negotiations and trials.

In order to fully understand the details and implications of any case, we will initially discuss all pertinent details with the client. This work-up is conducted to make sure all parties are in agreement on the objective of the investigation. Then, we plan an outline of the investigation, always working hard to make sure our clients’ needs are met. Utilizing the services of our private detectives can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary litigation costs, and you can be sure you’re getting only the best and most thorough investigative work.

Our expert investigators are qualified to assist in the following areas of investigation to help you develop the best case possible:

Witness Location

We utilize state of the art proprietary databases along with field techniques developed through direct experience to assist in locating people in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Scene Investigation

We can create scene diagrams, perform accurate measurements and gather photographic and video documentation to add greater depth and analysis to any investigation. Our trained investigators can also provide unbiased, professional testimony on the stand if necessary.

Public Records Research

We have the knowledge and experience researching public records that you’ll need on your side. We know where to go to get the pertinent information you require through the use of different tools including FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) when necessary.



From insurance fraud, to background checks, to corporate investigations, to criminal defense, to civil litigation services, we are here to help with the services you need most.


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