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Clark Dickenscheidt

Founder and Principal Partner

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Clark graduated from Western Illinois University in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement Administration with a minor in Security. After completing his Internship with the United States Marshals Service, Clark worked undercover in suburban Chicago to help uncover a drug trafficking ring at a major plastics manufacturing plant.

Clark worked in the insurance investigations field during his early career as a Claims Director and a National Claims Investigator for Equifax in Chicago and then in San Diego where he handled high dollar insurance investigations in the Western United States and Mexico.

In 1993 Clark became a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of California. He then launched CDI Investigations in 1995 in California. Wanting to be closer to family, Clark moved to Texas in 2000 and launched CDI Investigations in Houston, Texas in 2001.

Clark has investigated numerous high-profile cases including assisting in the criminal defense of Sheila Kahanek, the only indicted Enron accused co-conspirator to be acquitted at trial (; the Clayton Daniels life insurance fraud featured on Forensic Files (; Larry Nixon “King of the Lake” life insurance case (article at; the case of Wanda Darling featured on Dateline NBC show “Cliffhanger” and many others.




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