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Fraud exists in our world today because greed dominates our society. The desire for more and more money, material “things” and power drive otherwise good people to commit fraud. A lack of deterrents to fraud and a criminal justice system that focuses on violent crimes makes fraud a low risk venture for criminals and those with opportunity. Law Enforcement often times view fraud as a “victimless” crime and therefore do not devote the proper resources to investigate and prosecute fraud.

We come across many articles and current news stories relating to fraud and when we feel it is appropriate we like to republish or link to these on the CDI Investigations web site.

Below are articles about fraud that you might find interesting. If you have an article or editorial that you feel would be appropriate, please contact us. Direct links to current news stories about fraud can also be found below.

The Cost of Fraud: Revenues the typical organization loses to fraud each year
Madoff-type schemes are proliferating on YouTube
Busted: How Getting Rid of Insurance Fraud Helps Everyone
How much would we save if there was no insurance fraud? Without any insurance fraud, all of your insurance premiums would be 25% less.
Employers: Save Time By Hiring A Private Investigator To Conduct An Employee Background Check
Why hiring a Private Investigator to do employee background checks is a good business practice
Companies Not Covering Increased Fraud Risks Amid Crisis
Fake Death Scam Fails



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